This is my universe now. KLAINE LOVE. My world revolves around hooking this two up and tying a rainbow of forever around them and shield. My heart and soul is attached to their happiness. Til they make out in a series of not-so-subtle ways as long as GLEE (Ryan Murphy! pls!) will allow. So help me GOD.

I'm Cheryldats. Young @ 32 with a 16-year old heart of gold that cannot and will not be fazed by unrequited love. hmp! BUT always in love with the pursuance of forever, serendipity, eternal love and destiny. Love to travel. Love dogs and cats, well animals in general. I love TV series and movies...esp SMASH, BBT, TNN, and TVD, GLEE! Well because of the characters and the story line. And they make me feel like I'm living MY Teenage Dream.
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